Loan training for Mortgage Lenders

Loan training for Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage underwriters and loan originators come in waves in Linda’s training programs on tax return analysis. When stated income and lo-doc are in vogue, we see few of you. You’re making the deals without thorough cashflow analysis and the folks you are selling your loans to are fine with that.

Then the housing market softens, credit tightens and you are back in class. Welcome back!

Just for mortgage lenders

Linda has a section in her 1040 manual just for you. She put the FannieMae guidelines in the right-hand column and her own ‘digging-for-dollars’ tips right next to each section.

Linda is a residential real estate investor with a tax return you’d rather the person at the next desk tackle. So she knows…what you need to know, what compensating factors might help, what underwriters may be willing to do… from experience.

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