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Webinar Series on Tax Return Analysis

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The C’s of Credit Guidelines

When lending professionals do not agree on credit guidelines, they cannot treat loan requests in a consistent manner. As a result, institutions are faced with variations in loan documentation, poor loan decisions, and exception write-ups by regulators. In addition, there can be confusion internally among lenders, and externally among returning borrowers when a lender new to their account asks for documentation their old lender did not. In this webinar, questions included:

  • What should our approach be to global analysis?
  • Should my guidelines and documentation requirements be different for passive vs nonpassive income?
  • Which numbers should we use for pass-through entities; 1040 E, K-1 or Full Business Return?
  • How do other lenders handle Section 179 depreciation?
  • Should our guidelines be flexible or hard and fast rules?

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How to Make the Loan!

In a recovering situation, the most recent financial information may show an up-turn in the business that is not reflected in an average of the last two or three years. This was a significant problem post-recession for many business as they turned the corner and can be a challenge whenever there is a significant recovery in a business, whether from a one-time disaster or an industry downturn.

In this webinar, I help you sort out whether the numbers really say no, whether good judgment really says yes, and what to do about it to get the loan approved and keep the regulators happy.

Global Cashflow of Multiple Pass-Through Entities!

Using tax returns to analyze global cash flow with multiple pass-through entities, without double-counting or leaving cash flow out, is the area of greatest confusion in tax return analysis. In this webinar, we’ll cut through the confusion to clarify your choices and how to make them.

Red Flags and Green Lights

Competent tax return analysis is critical to saying ‘yes’ to good loans. Yet it is more than mere numbers and formulas. In this webinar, Linda Keith CPA covers some of the red flags that should stop you in your tracks when you see them in a prospective borrower’s return. And, sometimes a red flag is a green light in disguise.

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I recommend the course {for teams} because it will keep our approach to Global Cash Flow consistent.

Donald Volkman, Chief Credit Officer, MegaBank

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