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Ready for recession?

Increasing credit risk in banking as economy hums along

How do bankers plan to maintain credit risk readiness in a good economy but with trouble on the way?
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Online Training for Credit Professionals

Two Year-End Webinars for Bankers

Things slow down for some of us in December so this is a perfect time to fit in two webinars...
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Are banks ready for the next recession?

Size Matters: Are banks ready for the next recession?

In the 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Survey, we asked banks whether they were more or less...
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Solid Job Growth: Which sectors and will it hold?

In his newsletter, The Tea Leaf, Jeff Thredgold covers where the jobs are, where they still are...
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How are you doing on a 1-10 scale? Lenders tell me…

I have started asking lenders in my Tax Return Analysis training for banks and credit unions...
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