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Lending Worksheets and Checklists

Global CashFlow Worksheets

Excel-based because we all know how to use Excel™, Linda’s worksheets walk you through the process of tax return analysis. More info and to order

Income Documentation and Analysis Checklist & Guidelines

This checklist is Excel-based and fully customizable to improve consistency in your lending team. 
More info and to order

Resources Online and On-demand

Lender’s Online Training™

Online access to short sessions helps you learn when you need it, at your desk. More info and to order

Books, Manuals and Games

Manual/Reference Guides

The manuals that Linda originally created as in-class workbooks have been greatly expanded to become Resource Guides, designed for self-study and quick look-up. More info and to order

Game for Directors on Essentials of Success

Based on the Ten Essentials for SuccessTM identified by Directors of Financial Institutions, this card set and the accompanying games and activities are helpful for individual directors and the board as a whole. Build on your strengths and improve the rest!  More info and to order

Download the Global Tax Return Analysis
Quick Reference Guide