Lenders, Underwriters and Analysts


The entire focus is to help you:

  • Say a confident "Yes" to good loans
  • Spot more good lending opportunities
  • Keep the lending relationship even when you just can’t do the deal

Not all lenders are numbers-oriented. Sure, some of you are but some are not. And even those who are may not be well
versed in tax returns and financial statements.

What are your concerns about this training?

  • Will it be over my head?
  • Will this be boring?
  • Will it be CPA-oriented instead of lender-oriented?
  • Will it be too basic?
  • Will it be worth the time away from my busy schedule?

The best people to answer those questions are lenders themselves.
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How is this different?

What might surprise you is the focus on things other than the numbers.
More on what you’ll learn

Even more surprising, Linda has a reputation as the ‘CPA who likes to play’. She brings Legos™ and is an accomplished
story-teller, all pertinent to the subject at hand.
More about Linda

In our workshops, you’ll actually do everything you learn.

  • You’ll work with Linda, on your own and in small groups.
  • Linda mixes up the groups so you get other perspectives.
  • Real stories drive home the points and give your brain a break.
  • No need to memorize. You’ll have a 225+ page manual for each day.

Some great next steps:

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