Resources for National Speakers Association

Members and Chapters

NSA/Northwest Chapter Timeline and Board Job Descriptions

During my year as President for NSA/Northwest we created a chapter timeline and job descriptions. FYI…

NSANW Chapter Timeline FYE06.xls

Starting a Podcast

Interview with Brian Keith of Redbeard Consulting on getting started with my podcast covering design, frequency, intro/outro and other tips.

More Income. More Impact.
Stage a Business Breakthrough with Online Learning

The slide deck of the Power Point presentation for chapters and convention.

Online Learning: More Income and Impact – Handouts

Walk-thru of Online Training Site

This one-hour video is a recorded webinar for NSA colleagues demonstrating our online learning website, www.LendersOnlineTraining.com. We use:

  • Articulate – A PowerPoint add-in to create online learning modules
  • WordPress site – Maxima Theme
  • Infusionsoft – CRM/Automated Marketing/Shopping Cart
  • Memberium – Membership Site Software
  • Join.me – Webinar Platform
  • LearnDash – Learning Management System

Additional Resources for Online Learning

Full disclosure: I am not a speaker on online learning. I use it myself. So this is a very short list of resources I or other speakers I know have used. When you are ready to pursue online learning, be sure to research all the options. Or go to someone you know who is doing well and ask what they use. ‘-)

If you go with a provider like LightspeedVT or Knowledgelink, much of the structure is provided for you. You give up some control, it costs more, but you save a lot of time in creation and in maintanence and support. BE VERY CERTAIN you keep your IP (Intellectual Property) rights and understand how you would unwind if you decide to make a change.

  • eLearning Content Creation
    • Articluate Power Point Add In
    • Camtasia or other screen capture
    • Any video camera/editor
    • Done by your online learning vendor (Lightspeed VT, KnowledgeLink, and others)
  • Automated marketing, content delivery emails
    • Infusionsoft (Higher cost; includes shopping cart, CRM, automated marketing, invoicing)
    • Emma, Constant Contact, MyWeber
  • Membership site software
    • Memberium (plays very nicely with Infusionsoft and LearnDash LMS)
    • Wishlist Member (Works great, good customer service, less expensive than Infusionsoft)
  • Learning Management System
    • Important for improved reporting and time-savings, but not required
    • LearnDash is pretty basic, easy to use, less expensive and plays well with Infusionsoft and Memberium
  • Server
    • SiteGround (Works well with Infusionsoft and Memberium)
    • Tierpoint (Great customer service and good uptime)
    • GoDaddy (I found their speeds were a bit slow when the site got busier)
  • Website platform and theme
    • WordPress Maxima Theme
    • Before picking your theme pick your membership site software and LMS and then find out what plays well with them

    The Business Side of Speaking
    Bottoms Up Budgeting

    These files will help you as follow-up to NSA national and chapter sessions on ‘Time and Money’ and the VOE session on ‘Bottoms Up! An Upside-Down Approach to Budgeting’.

    I use them whenever I am planning to make changes in how I spend my time, fees, or percentage revenue from various sources.

    Public Programs: Make Money and Control your Calendar

    These handouts let you jot your ideas, get others from resources or other NSA colleagues, and put together a plan for your
    self-sponsored offerings. I’ve included the hotel booking sheets, full task lists and Excel based program file to track costs,
    profits and attendees.

Download the Global Tax Return Analysis
Quick Reference Guide