Tax Return Analysis: About Linda

About our company and our clients

About our company

Our clients often tell us how professional, prompt and helpful our entire team is… every step of the way. They enthusiastically recount how Linda’s presentation style, whether in person or online, makes the time fly and the information sink in.
We want you to feel the same way.

Linda Keith consults with our clients, creates the content and presents the programs: online, onsite, open-enrollment or at your meeting.
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About our banking clients

Our ‘sweet spot’ is community and regional banks and credit unions. That said, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other ‘big bank’ managers often send people to our open-enrollment classes. As do mortgage lenders.

Our largest onsite client is a $30 billion bank. Our smallest open-enrollment client has yet to open their doors.

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About our business clients

Companies and associations hire us for presentations and Linda’s PLAN for Capsize planning facilitation. And for those who think capsize is always fatal, we offer an alternate title: Turn Upside-down, Right Side Up!

Linda thinks of this as a business program, but churches and the military are impressed as well. If your organization, association or company faces setbacks in carrying out your work, Linda’s approach to preparing for setbacks to recover quickly is a good fit.

Our client list

Generally, this is where you would find a list of our most impressive clients. What our clients have in common, though, is not about size or geographic reach. It is a desire to make good loans and make more of them. Plain and simple.

So look at the first few or browse the list.

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