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Similar Numbers…Different Stories: Impact on Business lending

Jeff Thredgold is an interesting and entertaining economist. He writes a newsletter,...
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Credit tightening… loosening? Demand down?

I am not one to dwell in doom-and-gloom land. That said, understanding the overall situation in...
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Bankers avoid brand-destroying moves when restructuring a loan

In Kimberly Hellstrom's Marketing Watch Blog, Al Reis (who wrote 'the book' on branding) is...
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Too Big to Fail, Too Small to Save… the latest

In an RMA Regulatory update, W. Bernard Mason reported on the U.S. Congressional Joint...

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Private equity dries up – Portland Business Journal

Staying on top of alternate sources of financing is important these days if your bank does not...
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Is Greed the Problem? Milton Friedman's opinion

What is greed? You often hear that it is the root of the economic problems we...
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