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Cash Flow Depreciation Module for Bankers

Depreciation confusion: What if you start with Net Income per books?

Jenifer’s question: We recently purchased new software that has a different approach to adding...
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Tax Return Analysis - Military Pay

Is military retirement pay always taxable?

Alyssa’s question: Does military retirement income show on the tax return? I have a borrower...
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Cash Flow Depreciation Module for Bankers

Add-back Depreciation with Lease-to-Own?

Carrie’s question: Any suggestions on underwriting lease to own companies (that lease household...
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Lending to Complex Borrowers

What to do with 481a adjustment?

Charlene’s and Yousaf’s question: Both Charlene and Yousaf had a question about...
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Confused banker

Changes to the 2018 tax forms will be confusing

I update the tax forms we use in our resource manuals and modules...
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Online Training for Credit Professionals

Two Year-End Webinars for Bankers

Things slow down for some of us in December so this is a perfect time to fit in two webinars...
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Are banks ready for the next recession?

Size Matters: Are banks ready for the next recession?

In the 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Survey, we asked banks whether they were more or less...
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Are you missing a depreciation add-back?

Jordy’s question: Should Form 4562 depreciation be added back to cash flow? Every analysis I...
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Lending to Non-Profits

Cash Flow Analysis of a Non-Profit Entity

Stephanie’s question:

How do you apply the cash flow analysis...
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