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4 questions to help you identify risky customers… sooner than later!

Camico Insurance is the second largest provider of liability insurance for CPAs, so when it...
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KYC to CYA… 4 Steps to avoid 90% of frauds

Before you jump to conclusions...CYA refers to Cover Your Assets! And KYC refers to Know...
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Banking Regulators watching documentation more closely…

We recently had a chance to catch up with many of our clients and ask how things are going....
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Recession? The 3 ‘B’s of handling problem loans… Part 2

How a newer business lender can take proactive steps to head off a problem loan before it is...
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15 Questions to Assess Fraud Risk

15 Questions that Certified Fraud Examiners ask to help assess fraud risk.
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To land Middle-Market Customers…Shut up and listen!

In the February 2007 RMA Journal, Lynda Gardner's article on

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